Q&A and Glossary

Can you ensure maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) worldwide?

Yes. We are partnering with known MRO companies to ensure that MRO services will be available for your fleet.

How are you in position to produce and scale up?

We are a consortium. Our industrial partners already have their factories and we will include your orders into their production schedules.

How do your UAV/UAS fly in regulated or unregulated airspace?

This will depend on many parameters: your application, your country of operation and the weight of the UAV / UAS.

Will your drones be certified?

Like any flying craft we will go through certification. Regulation is still being built, but the existing standards for experimental aircraft and IFR airworthiness certifications provide the basis of what is needed for design and implementation in order to have a UAV / UAS certified.

What equipment do you use for flight management?

We use certified equipment such as Flight Management Systems (FMS) or Auto-Pilot, and TCAS II from reputable and certified companies.

For a UAV/UAS flying within regulated airspace we will comply with all local authority IFR constraint and BRLOS requirements. For VLOS we have our own equipment’s as well as flight systems and other supplies.

Can you support us to obtain regulators’ approval?

We provide services for certifications and support for negotiations with the regulator(s).

Do you provide leasing options?

We can organise leasing / rent solutions for your fleet of UAV / UAS.

Do you manufacture bespoke UAV / UAS vehicles?

We always manufacture a prototype for your application(s). Once validated with you, we then go to contract for series production.

What is the minimum fleet production after the prototype has been approved?

Minimum fleet production is 10 units.

Do you provide transport services or services based on your UAV / UAS?

We are a UAV / UAS manufacturer. We can put you in contact with transport companies, heli-service companies, cranes companies and industrial maintenance using our equipment.

Do you provide telecommunication and IT support for management UAV / UAS globally?

Yes. We have our own IT platform with SATCOM that will allow your pilots team to manage a fleet of drones – depending your regulator’s authorisation. UAC are autonomous and the pilots has control through macro-commands. UAS can be on VLOS and can be remotely piloted.

How high – and how low - can Neva drones fly?

Up to 10,000 feet, and as low as few feet, within limits required by the regulator(s).


ARP: Aerial Robotic Platform

ARPC: Aerial Remotely Piloted Cranes

MACS: Modular Air Crane System

RACS: Remote Air Crane System

RAP: Robotic Air Platform

UAC : Unmanned Air Cargo

UAS: Unmanned Air System

UAV : Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

About Neva Aerospace


Neva Aerospace is a European consortium based in the United Kingdom. It partners with key clients, technology suppliers, and financial institutions to develop technologies for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), unmanned air cargo (UAC), aerial robotic platforms (ARP), and electric aviation. It owns a portfolio of patents and technologies which are among the most advanced worldwide. As of January 2019 the Neva Consortium includes counts 7 companies with more than 100 people working on the project.

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