Our Vision

Neva is developing the technologies that will take electric aviation for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to new industrial and B2B markets. They will fill the gap that is becoming more apparent as UAV technology becomes more visible and business leaders recognise its potential. However, the exciting market opportunities can never be met by the current generation of lightweight drones, nor will military technologies meet the emerging civil needs. That is where Neva and its patented technologies for electric aviation fit in.

Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions that minimise human, energy, and environmental costs. Sustainability is embedded within the DNA of the company, as is corporate responsibility. Chapter 2.3 of our articles of association commits us to an ongoing focus on “the impact of … operations on the community and the environment and the desirability of the Company maintaining a reputation for high standards of business conduct“.

The Neva team is actively building on core technologies that will enable the development of medium to heavy-weight aerial vehicles and robots. These vehicles will be capable of performing precise tasks, carrying heavy loads and/or covering significant distances autonomously. The electric-hybrid aircraft and aerial robotic platforms (ARP) that we are designing are fundamentally safer and more reliable due to the redundancy inherent in Neva’s distributed propulsion and lifting technology, the absence of uncaged rotor blades, and the sophistication of on-board avionics. They are being designed precisely for integration into civilian airspace.

3D Distributed propulsion (multiple turbines orientated in 3 axes) also means that Neva can offer the scalability, flexibility, and reliability needed to bring real solutions to industrial, corporate and governmental clients.

We know that our project is ambitious. Our technologies are disruptive but we believe this innovation is inevitable if commercial unmanned aviation is to fulfil its potential to impact upon countless business sectors and industrial applications. So a core focus for Neva has always been the need to set the benchmark for comprehensive safety standards that will ensure the smooth integration of our technologies into civilian airspace and the workspace. Implicit in this is integration with data-warehouse management systems: Neva technology is enterprise ready.

We are committed to ensuring that current and future regulations and Asimov’s Laws of Robotics are respected to the extent that current technologies allow. As such our aerial vehicles and robots will be reliable and will enhance the safety and well-being of operators and the people they help.

We are on our way to “B Corp” alignment, and will work with stakeholders to ensure that the impact of Neva’s aerial technologies is both positive and profitable.


Chairman of the Board
David Brotherton-Ratcliffe
Chief Science Officer

About Neva Aerospace


Neva Aerospace is a European consortium based in the United Kingdom. It partners with key clients, technology suppliers, and financial institutions to develop technologies for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), unmanned air cargo (UAC), aerial robotic platforms (ARP), and electric aviation. It owns a portfolio of patents and technologies which are among the most advanced worldwide. As of January 2019 the Neva Consortium includes counts 7 companies with more than 100 people working on the project.

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