Design of drones
  • Support, design review, specifications, technologies, production of prototypes
  • Airplanes: electric, hybrid and fuel powered
  • Rotorcraft & VTOL Wing based on 3 dimensional Distributed propulsion
  • Technical & Engineering Support in designing drones (e.g.: Design model reviews, proposal for improvement, Molding form manufacturing)
  • Technical drawings, specifications and documentation development
  • Airframe development
  • Autopilot, TT&C (telemetry and control ) system development
  • Telecommunication system (TT&C, payload data transmission)
Testing of drones
  • Flight tests in Lithuania – standard set of exercises, standard licenses, and insurances policies
  • Crash tests in Lithuania
  • High altitude test flights (up to 36 000 ft)
Declaration of Conformity of drones
  • Checking flight specification of the drone
  • (example: within radius 10/20 km for 15 min/1 hr)
  • Standard flight exercises / scenarios
UAV pilot training
  • Simulator,
  • Flying small lightweight (1kg) drone,
  • Flying airplane-drone (up to 25 kg),
  • Flying VTOL wing (from 20kg)
Nano-satellite(s) & constellation design
  • Mechanical structure meeting International Space Station launch inhibitor requirements (switch system)
  • Power supply system (Solar batteries charge and payload distribution)
  • On-board computer (processor board), radio module (telemetry & control module and payload data communication system)
  • design of payload adaptation
  • operational orbit planning
Nano-satellite(s) testing
  • Testing and preparation services launch of Nano-Satellite from International Space Station and other launch providers
  • Declaration of Conformity (mechanical vibrations, thermal vacuum test, electromagnetic compatibility, power supply systems, battery tests)
Nano-satellite(s) launching
  • Launch planning and setup of nano-satellites
  • Collection, testing, delivery satellites from other countries
  • Co-ordination with launching companies, aggregation of payloads, documentation preparation
Ground station services for Nano-satellite
  • Nano-satellites Ground command and control. Global network of ground stations through the network partners
Ground station services for UAV
  • UAV fleet command and control. Worldwide coverage using satellites (IRIDIUM) and 2G/3G
Integration of UAV / UAS fleet and payload Data into ERP / EAM
  • Integration of drone management (MRO) into Enterprise Asset Management and enterprise data flow systems. (SAP / Oracle)
  • Integration with 2D mapping and 2D Diagram for Power Stations and Oil & Gas assets, Agro-work
3D Imaging Systems
  • Real Time 3D Imaging Systems for ground stations and holographic 3D mapping
Certification of UAV / UAS and sub-systems
  • UAV / UAS and sub-systems certifications services. Liaison with authorities and negotiation for UAV / UAS certification and/or flight exemption
Electric Ducted Fans
  • Electric Ducted Fans (EDF) also known as electric turbines or electric turbo-fans for aircraft and for rotorcraft (VTOL): conception, calculation, prototyping, production

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Neva Aerospace is a European consortium based in the United Kingdom. It partners with key clients, technology suppliers, and financial institutions to develop technologies for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), unmanned air cargo (UAC), aerial robotic platforms (ARP), and electric aviation. It owns a portfolio of patents and technologies which are among the most advanced worldwide. As of January 2019 the Neva Consortium includes counts 7 companies with more than 100 people working on the project.

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