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Neva Aerospace is taking UAV and UAS technology to the next level, and our mission now is to develop heavy-duty workhorse drones. These will be the next generation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and systems (UASs). They will offer solutions for heavy lifting, equipment transport, for security and emergency repairs in remote and difficult locations, and for robotic maintenance and construction work.

At the core of Neva's unassailable market lead are:

  • the ability to combine stable VTOL and linear flight capabilities,
  • the power to carry loads ranging from freight to robotic arms weighing from 2 kg to 2 tonnes, and
  • the safety of using electric ducted fans.

Neva technologies for flight stability, aircraft design, flight control and electric ducted fans are based on worldwide patents. This gives Neva Aerospace a clear market lead and presents a serious barrier-to-entry to any potential competitors.

Most recently, a Neva technology solution for docking and rapid recharging, known as Spacebridge©, has been patented. The concept is now under development, and it will provide a real infrastructure for recharging UAVs/UASs and so allow for longer and more remote operations.

Our commercial concepts are being designed to carry significant payloads – up to 2 tonnes. Neva drones will therefore be able to carry a wide range of tools such as heavy sensors packs, heavy cameras, robotic arms, drills, tooling, cable servo-motors for aerial cranes, physical protection systems, agro-spraying systems, etc.

These systems will be developed in partnership with our pioneer clients, industrial channel partners and integrators. This means they can incorporate specific automated and robotic functions for their applications, such as triggering specific emergency reactions to potentially catastrophic leakages and overheating, patrolling remote areas, or delivering essential goods over long distances.

Naturally, our UAVs/UASs will be designed for national and industry-specific certifications and authorisations.

We are developing a SAP HANA proprietary coding platform, known as GDIMIS©  so that end users will be able seamlessly to integrate Neva low-emission UAVs into their existing operations and data-warehouse management (ERP/EAM).

Key features of Neva prototypes:

  • Patented electric/hybrid VTOL concepts.
  • Combination of stable VTOL (vertical take off and landing) and linear flight capabilities.
  • Payloads up to 2 tonnes.
  • On-board processors enabling specific activities and automated robotic work.
  • Automated flight functions including take-off, landing, mission, way points, static flight, collision avoidance, auto-emergency landing (on-shore and off-shore), etc.
  • Integration into civilian airspace/ standard avionics such as collision avoidance and traffic integration: e.g. TCAS/PCAS, GPWS, TAWs/OCAS as well as satellite communication.
  • Docking and recharging in remote areas.
  • Built-in SAP architecture for enterprise level integration (we are a SAP HANA partner).

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Neva Aerospace is a European consortium based in the United Kingdom. It partners with key clients, technology suppliers, and financial institutions to develop technologies for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), unmanned air cargo (UAC), aerial robotic platforms (ARP), and electric aviation. It owns a portfolio of patents and technologies which are among the most advanced worldwide. As of January 2019 the Neva Consortium includes counts 7 companies with more than 100 people working on the project.

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